Academic Awards
Topped in MBBS
Awarded the following Gold Medals, Distinctions and Certificates of Honour at Medical College Kanpur
  Gold Medals - 10
1. Sri Budhu Lal Mehrotra Gold Medal Best student of the College.
2. Smt. Jai Mati Bai Gold Medal Highest marks in Medicine.
3. Smt.Suniti Devi Gold Medal Highest marks in Surgery.
4. Dr. S P Srivastava Gold Medal Best student in Surgery.
5. Smt.Ratan Devi Gold Medal Highest marks in Obs. & Gynae
6. Smt Gyan Lata Gold Medal Highest marks in Physiology, Pathology and Medicine.
7. Physiology Society Medal For winning the Seminar Competition.
8. Bhalla Gold Medal Highest marks in aggregate in MBBS.
9. Gold Medal For scoring the highest marks in Ophthalmology & E.N.T.
10. Vice Chancellor Gold Medal for topping in aggregate in all the professional examination in MBBS.
  Distinctions -
1. Physiology.  
2. Ophthalmology & E.N.T.  
  Certificates of Honour -
1. Physiology.  
2. Biochemistry  
3. Forensic Medicine  
4. Pharmacology  
5. Social and Preventive Medicine  
6. Pathology  
7. Medicine  
8. Surgery  
9. Obstetrics & Gynaecology  
10. Ophthalmology & E.N.T  
  Professional Awards
1. Awarded as one of the most outstanding graduates of GSVM Medical College Kanpur, at the 50th ( Golden Jubilee ) celebrations of this Medical College, held in April 2007.
2. Awarded the Dr.Purshottam Singh Oration Award by the Indian Medical Association, in 1995.
3. Awarded the Dr.S.N.Mathur Oration Award by GEMS International, in December 2007.