Patients having chest pain or following a heart attack.
Patients with angiography films for consultation.
Patients needing bypass surgery.
Patients needing valve surgery and congenital heart disorders may also consult.
Q1. Why is beating heart surgery better than open heart surgery?
Because in beating heart surgery
1. Heart is not stopped.
2. Heart is not cut.
3. Artificial heart lung machine is not used.
4. Much lower risk during surgery as compared to open heart surgery.
5. Lesser risk of wound infection.
6. Lesser risk of bleeding complications.
7. Lesser risk of kidney damage during surgery.
8. Lesser risk of ‘stroke’ and other neurological disturbances.
Q2. Who can get beating heart surgery?
1. In today’s date almost 100% patients who need bypass surgery can be operated using beating heart surgery by surgeons who have the experience and technical skills to perform beating heart surgery in all the patients.
2. Patients needing multiple bypasses (any number) can also be routinely operated by beating heart surgery.
3. High risk patients can also be operated by beating heart surgery, at a lesser risk as compared to open heart surgery.
Q3. What is open heart surgery?
Any operation in which the heart is stopped or the artificial heart lung machine is used is called an open heart operation.
Q4. What is beating heart surgery?
This is a method of doing heart’s bypass surgery without stopping or cutting the heart and without open heart surgery.
Q5. What is the usual recovery after beating heart surgery?
Recovery after beating heart surgery is much faster as compared to open heart.
  After beating heart surgery
1. Patients can have a cup of tea as early as 6 hours after surgery.
2. Most of the patients can starting walking within 24 hours of surgery.
3. Patients can usually start climbing stairs 4 days after surgery.
4. Patients are usually discharged within 6 days of surgery.
5. Risk in beating heart surgery is much lesser.
Q6. What is total arterial revascularization (TAR)
This is a method of doing bypass surgery by using only arterial grafts (from the chest and forearm). This gives excellent long term results after a bypass surgery.
Q7. How fast can I get back to my work after beating heart surgery?
Most of the patients are discharged in less than a week after beating heart surgery. They can start doing simple office work two weeks after discharge and can usually go back to their full activities 4-6 weeks after the surgery.
Q8. How frequently check-ups are needed after beating heart surgery?
All Patients are preferably first seen one week after discharge. Patients are strongly advised to join Heart Rehab (Cardiac Rehabilitation Program), which runs for a month.

Patients are subsequently looked after by their referring Cardiologist/Physicians.

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